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Hi Susanne, Dawn, Therese

Well paperwork is going very slowly, we've had no response from Neil's ex-wife (she has to be contacted as Neil was a step-dad to her daughter Laura). Plus there's some other things that we're waiting to come back. I'm thinking that it might be October before we're approved.

Neil has now changed roles at his work and is now a chippy (that's carpentry to you Yanks!), so no more exposure to the nasty chemicals that we are sure were having an adverse affect on our sperm dna etc.

We're also on the IVF, with ICSI, waiting list, with probably just over 2 years to go.

No chance of any 'natural' success this month as I have got a kidney stone. I thought I had one before, but now I know I didn't, because I have never experienced pain like this before and my urine has never been so red before. After a trip to the hospital I have Voltarol (Diclofenac) suppositories (up the bum
) which are wonderful, and last 16 hours, but by about 15 hours the pain starts to gradually come back. I've had an x-ray and my urine tested to see what kind of stone it is.

The Dr said that the pain for kidney stones is the same as labour pain, and if that's true then I'm seriously reconsidering childbirth! I don't ever want to be in that much pain ever, ever again. Oh well, enough reliving my trauma! That's enough of my news!

Therese, sorry to hear that your back is bad again, I've had back problems before and I know how much they affect your life. I truly hope that you can get some relief soon.

Dawn, I'm sorry to hear about AF, she's a b*tch! And as for China, I think it's awful that there's such a delay, I truly hope that Mahri is in your arms very soon. Thanks so much for the lovely card, kind words and beautiful photo's you sent in the mail. You're so thoughtful hon. I love you to pieces!

Oh and hello to Angela too, it's sweet that you still lurk to check up on us

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Tracey sorry you're suffering. Never had kidney stones but my brother did and he said the pain was horrible but I didn't believe him 'cause he's a man and they have no pain threshold
its great that Neil has changed roles
fingers crossed it will improve things and I hope the waiting list goes quickly. at least you get a chance at that in the UK over here we have nothing - well that's a lie if I give up work and claim social I *think* I can go on a waiting list but of course I work pay taxes etc and have to pay a friggin' fortune for IVF

Feel better soon
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I am done. Done trying. I am 38 years old and have had enough. I was blessed and it was too much for me to ask for more.
to everyone. It seems as though the summer wasn't good for most of us.
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Sorry ladies! I went out of town for a few days so never had a chance to reply to your posts.

Therese... we are still really having a hard time with all of this. We decided to move and stop saving renting a smaller apartment. We like our little house, but sadly when it get's colder the guy under us smells up our house. His wierd cooking just comes up into the pipes, and it's disgusting. For sure not the "oh what are you cooking I'm so hungry smell". We looked into finding something cheap like we have here, but just could never find anything right. So.. we've rented a home up the street until we find the right one for us to buy. We are moving September 9th! I guess that puts the adoption decision on hold for a little while. It's so hard though, cause I do feel like that's what we need to do, but just don't want to do. With this new house it's going to be almost impossible to save up the 18,000 we would need. Sorry your back still isn't doing good. I know I have told you before, but my dad has had loads of problems with his back for years now. He has had such a hard time. Just like you I have no interest at all in the ttc game. The thought of the doctors, tests, pregnancy tests just is way past me. I'm with you feeling bitter, mean, grumpy, and just angry with having to be here in the first place, so I totally relate to what your saying. So much we have given up to sit here in the same position 9 years. Thousands of dollars, time, heart. Sigh It makes me really mad. Sigh oh well I guess I can look foward to truly 100%not thinking about it when I'm about 55 right?

Tracey...oh no! I am so terribly sorry for your pain. Ouch!!! That's just awful. I hope your feeling better. I'll try to call you tomorrow if your home. So sorry!! I couldn't help but think of the kind of pain Kitty must have been in for that month he had bladder stones. Thinking of you and praying for you to feel better asap! About the 2 years, it will be here before you know it and when it does I'll be your biggest believer.

Dawn... I hate the doctors, exspecially the ob. Seriously if I was rich I would pay a private ob office to deal with womens health and not pregnancy just so I can go and avoid seeing horrible Mother's like you ran into seeing. The worst for me is when I pull up and see a 8 month or so pregnant lady finishing her smoke before she goes into her appointment. If only she knew just how lucky she was. Hope your cycle is all worked out. That doesn't sound any fun one bit. AF just stinks. Keeping my fingures crossed next week that picture comes. Waiting just is awful, exspecially when you know she's just there needing you.

Amy... I had honestly really hoped that positive for you would come. I'm so sorry it didn't work out. Thanks for the hug. Right back at ya. Your right, the summer hasn't been good int he fertility department for any of us.

Angela... thanks for checking in! I wanted to tell you I called and got info on the shared risk program. They mailed me some papers. We figured it out and I'm guessing it would be about 4,000 which would include travel for us to do it. I'm not sure we are willing to spend that much, considering how much we have already spent. Just wanted to tell you thanks again for the information. It was so nice of you to share! Hope your feeling good, and enjoying every second of it.

Thinking of all of you often, and keeping you close to my heart.

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