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Welcome to all our new members!

Welcome to all our new members!

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  • baby hungry 07-23-06 | 04:17 PM
  • We seem to have had several new members join us recently. I wanted to give another welcome, and let you know that we are all here struggling with the same horrible situation. Please do not feel bad about asking any question, or sharing any hard situation. Infertility is heart breaking, but with friends, support, and knowing your not alone, it get's a bit easier.

    So... let's introduce ourselves!!!!
  • baby hungry 07-23-06 | 04:27 PM
  • I'll go first.

    My name is Susanne. I have been married to my dear husband Bryan for 9 years this Wednesday. We have two male cats who sometimes are a bit spoiled, and one sweet little bird.

    We love being with one another. We golf, camp, have bbq's with friends, play games, drive up to the mountains, go to all our local University football games, and are both Christians.

    I personally collect dolls. (I have way to many!) I love to visit my family back in Virginia, and love to chat with my friends on msn. Tracey and I are very close. She and her husband have come all the way from the UK to visit us. We have gone to Las Vegas together, camping, to football games, and even one year spent Thanksgiving together.

    We have struggled to have a child way to long. Right now we are looking into a cost sharing IVF program, and several adoption agencies. I have endometrosis, and Bryan has had issues with dna fragmentation.

    I also spent many years as a Resolve chapter president. For anyone who can, I highly suggest seeing if your local Resolve holds support group meetings. They are wonderful.
  • rachel1981 rachel1981's Avatar 07-23-06 | 06:30 PM
  • My name is Rachel. I have been married to my husband Ben for 3 years this October.

    We have 4 fur-babies. 3 cats and a dog.

    TTC#1 for 3 years as well. I did 6 Clomid cycles while we were in Jacksonville , FL. Moved to the great (not) state of Maryland and did 5 more cycles of Clomid. We have just finished up our one and only Injections/IUI cycle and I am now in the 2WW. *YUCK*

    We will not be able to do anymore until we move back down south where we can get to another RE that is closer that 1 1/2 hours drive.

    We love hanging out and going to movies and dinners.
  • twacky 07-24-06 | 06:45 AM
  • Hi, I am Tracy,
    I live in Grahamstown, South Africa with my dh, married for 4 and a half years but together for 10 years already. I have irregular cycles but no actual medical problems according to my last gynae. I am wondering about pcos as I am insulin resistant and my weight is becoming harder and harder to manage. I will have that idea checked out as soon as my medical insurance recovers from the laparoscopy. My hubby had testicle cancer about 11\12 years ago with radiation and one testicle removed. My dh always assumed he was infertile and after years off bcp and no baby I thought he must be right. We have lavished excessive amounts of love and attention on a succession of cats (4 at the moment) and one siberian husky who sadly died of biliary.
    Last year we thought I was pregnant for a brief time ( very long cycle and all the symptoms) and now we are ttc in earnest!
    I like being with close friends now and then but mostly love being with my husband and my cats doing what I love most which is reading or beading (or any craftwork, for that matter!)
    There are no infertility support groups here, just myself and one other...we know they are out there we just cant force them to talk to us!
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 07-24-06 | 08:59 AM
  • Hi I'm Therese ~ I have been ttc'ing for 10years this August. I had an initial diagnosis of Endometriosis but with surgery and hormone treatment it has gone and we were both given a clean bill of health but no baby to show for it. We have one dog/baby Jack who is 8 this year and is the love of our life. I suppose only you ladies understand the bond we make with your furry babies but in saying that my family treats him as much as a baby than we do
    We have been told our only option is IVF but its something I'm not sure on. I think for me it would be too much stress and the outcome if it was bad would be the breaking point for me. We have accepted that we won't have our own baby but we do know that we have a wonderful relationship and get to enjoy lots of experiences like travelling together, having lie ins on the weekends, going out to dinner or for a night out at a moments notice and we cherish that. You can't have it all right?

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