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Well that didn't last long

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  • baby hungry 12-24-04 | 03:16 AM
  • Steph...
    I'm so sorry. I would have hoped the grandparents would have been DARN sure they wanted to do this before involving you and Tom. That's horrible.

    Thinking of you both.

  • cat cat's Avatar 01-04-05 | 03:56 PM
  • Oh, no! How devastating for you. I do hope the dinner is a time when you can understand what is going on, and that they are able to be honest with you. I do hope the other family members aren't putting the pressure on. It's so unfair to the boys for them to do that, if it means leaving them in the situation they are in. I do hope "on hold" means just that - a delay, not an end to it. Thinking of you both.