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what are the chances?..

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  • dleigh2 10-29-12 | 11:20 AM
  • [CENTER]well finally this month i started keeping up with my ovulation an all.

    i started my period oct 3 an it ended oct 6.
    i had sex oct 4,9,10 & 11
    i was fertile oct 12,13,14,15 & 16 (i had sex on 16) i ovulated on oct 17 an i was also fertile on oct 18 day after ovulation an also had sex this day...
    i also had sex on the 24th & 27th

    i know its prob to soon to tell or even know.. but my breast have been super tender like i have to wear a bra to bed because they hurt so bad, my back has been hurting as well, i been having heartburn also an i do pee alot more an i been going #2 alot more.. could i be pregnant?..idk usually i dont feel weird but for some reason sence i had sex the day before an after ovulation i have felt different idk could it just be in my head.. ?[/CENTER]
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 10-29-12 | 01:05 PM
  • You're now 12 days past ovulation so if I were you, I'd test. Now, that's because I'm crazy neurotic like that
    but I always got nice positives by about 11 days past ovulation. NOT ALL WOMEN GET THAT but if you're having symptoms and you have a Dollar Tree around, pop in there and start testing with their tests. They're only $1 each and they're crazy sensitive. Give it a whirl!

  • dleigh2 10-29-12 | 01:09 PM
  • I will definantly give it a try, i just didnt want to go an buy no really expensive test before i knew if i was gonna miss my period or not an then the test say negative. i just didn't know if it would say positive if i was this early on or not. -thanks for the advice.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 10-29-12 | 01:26 PM
  • The tests at The Dollar Tree have been my ally in my TTC journey. They amazingly accurate (they knew I was pregnant before my doc's office test showed positive!) and they're only $1!!!!
  • dleigh2 10-29-12 | 01:54 PM
  • well i went to the dollar general an got the $1 one it said negative. but when i was reading it, the box said that it will only show as early as day of missed period an im not suppose to start my period for 2 more days.