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  • Twinkies_Mom Twinkies_Mom's Avatar 09-29-06 | 07:32 PM
  • this is my third cycle coming off of BC

    my first cycle was 26 days
    second was 32 days
    third was 33

    when should anticipate ovulation this month?
  • nickyswifey nickyswifey's Avatar 09-29-06 | 10:00 PM
  • My cycles are about that length and I o around day 17-18 USUALLY. Today is day 20 for me and I have not O'd yet! It is different for everyone. Are you temping in the AM?
  • KJCsabre KJCsabre's Avatar 09-29-06 | 10:52 PM
  • Do you use FF? If you sign up and pay (I did to try it this next month) you get an "average" for you cycles and a guestimate of when you might O next along with 3 possible fertile days and your possible AF start date! Its pretty nice... takes the "guesswork" out of the cycles
  • Susan Susan's Avatar 09-30-06 | 12:48 PM
  • not sure
    I never have regular cycles