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Whoo Hoo- I'm excited!

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  • aeb122180 07-18-06 | 10:14 AM
  • TWACKY- I can't believe that your doctor asked that question. I'm stunned! A normal question the Dr asks is "ARE you charting?"...certainly not "WHY are you charting?" I would definatey see someone else. Good luck to you!
  • twacky 07-18-06 | 10:25 AM
  • I daresay he thought I'd be better off taking 6 weeks off work and going for daily ultrasounds and blood tests (in another town) just to prove what my charts already tell me! What a moron!
    I am sure I will also find someone I respect and like, I may have to 'kiss a few frogs' first tho'!
  • baby hungry 07-31-06 | 11:56 PM
  • Ack, sorry I missed this I've been on vacation for the last few weeks.

    Hope your doctors appointment goes perfectly.