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Well we just found out that my DH's sister is pg! She is 20 and well lets say not prepared to be a mother.She isn't even with the baby's dad nor quite sure who he is. I guess she is due in December but of course we were the last to know cause my husband is in California and his family lives in IL.MIL called and asked if we would be willing to have my SIL stay with us until after the baby's born.Then my MIL had the nerve to say that SIL may be willing to give us the baby! We are seriously considering it just to make sure the baby is ok.I have a very strong feeling that she is still smoking the waky tobacco while she is pregnant! Me and SIL don't get a long to well.DH mom and sister blame me for keeping dh here in California all though the military has him stationed here.It's a big mess with his family and I personally don't know if I could handle her.She has tried to scam money out of us before by claiming she pregnant.I just fear for that baby boy growing inside of her.I just hope we all can make the right decision.Kind of off topic a little but so understand the feeling of why not us!
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Wendy, I agree with you, I was at a baby shower not too long ago and it seems that everyone who walked in had a baby or toddler!

Country, I hope everything works out for you in the end. I hope your SIL's baby is healthy and that she and your family can make the right decision.

I'm dealing with DP's ex because they have a child together. She says that he is not allowed to see her because of me. She feels that I'm going to kill her. I am the complete opposite of that. I've been taking care of children since I was 11. That would be last thing I'd do. I love his daughter like she is my own. The first time she ever met me, she kept calling me mom.
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We have used the IVF procedure. But after that, when we have finished this stage of our life, I can freely talk about this. Because we were very nervous when we flew to Ukraine, I thought I was going to go crazy with nerves. I even drank soothing pills. Just understand, when you plan something for a long time, it's very hard. It is better to do everything quickly. But it's good that we still found a good clinic. I'm happy with the clinic. I met at the clinic with three families. They already have kids. The first Italian family had a child born in January 2014. A boy. The Danes have twins-pretty. The third surrogate mother is already pregnant. They are all serious. We correspond with families. This clinic has no competitors, they are the best. They are coming from all over the world. I myself am from switzerland. Was already in two Swiss clinics. In Bern and Zurich. And in Spain, in barcelona and in russia, two clinics of Irkutsk. Biotex is the best. In Russia only with us money was ransomed, but there is no guarantee. Only pay and pay. They paid more than 100 thousand. I lost only time and health with endless hormonal stimulation. I would have known - would apply immediately to Biotex. Besides, I was so worried that I even went to a psychoanalyst. Because when I remember this period of my life, I'm worried as if I'm suffering in that period of time. You probably feel my excitement reading these lines. And my husband was not nervous at all, he was sure that we will achieve our goal. Because he's a businessman and used to solving all problems quickly. But here it dragged me out of gray life. I realized that I need to develop. This trip helped me to become stronger. After all, all difficult times give us such an incredible experience. And we become stronger. The correct saying is that what does not kill us - makes us stronger. I believe that everyone must fight for their own interests.
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