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Default Why Won't They Listen To Me?

Hello everyone!

My name is Autumn. My husband and I have been TTC for 27 months. Let me back up a few years...

In 2000 I was diagnosed with endometriosis during a laparoscopy (finally after years of horrid pain). The doctor who saw me was fabulous, I felt that it was the first time that someone actually acknowledged that my horrible bouts of pain weren't part of a normal menstral cycle.

The doctor also informed me after the lapascopy, that I should start trying to conceive a few years before what I would consider an ideal time/age for myself. He said that I may have difficultly, and it may take a few years to start a family.

So with his words as advice, I begin our journey...
(Note: due to a change in health insurance, I was not able to see this fantastic doctor since 2000).

May of 2004, my husband and I decide to start our family. We try and try and try for about 4 or 5 months; and nothing. OK, no big deal.

Well, knowing that I have endometriosis, I thought it would be a good idea to see an OBGYN and make sure that everything is under control. Keep in mind this is 4 years after my surgery and since endometriosis comes back, I thought it would be wise to make sure that the adhesions were still under control and weren't affecting our ability to conceive...before we went any further with trying. Also, everything that I've read states that you should seek your Doctor right away if you have this disease and have made the choice to start a family.

So, this Dr. comes in talks to me for five minutes- doesn't do any kind of exam and basically says to come see him in 7 months. He said "If your not pregnant in 7 months, I'll refer you to a couple Dr.'s at the University...AND THEY WILL GET YOU PREGNANT". - Yeah, that's what he said.

The Dr. schedules me for an ultrasound. I go, and they say that everything looks great- (and I found out that I have a retro-verterd uterus). The endometriosis is under control. Great!

OK, so I start charting my temperatures every morning (which seem on the low side- from 96.0 - 98.2 degrees). I do this for a few more months and every month- no pregnancy. It's been over a year and the both of us are getting frustrated to say the least.

Then finally we got pregnant in July 2005! We were so excited. It was a dream! Our family knew our struggle, so we told them right away- we couldn't keep it to ourselves. Then at 8 weeks I started to have a slight brown discharge (like old blood) I went to the Dr.'s office- we didn't see a heartbeat, but my bloodwork was great...OK maybe our dates are off and the baby is too small to see or hear. Then at 9 weeks...the same thing. However my HCG levels were right were they should be again...the Dr. was stumped. Then at 10 weeks... no heart beat- we found out that we lost the baby before my body miscarried. This was devastating! I had a D & C to remove the miscarriage safely. I saw the Dr. a week or two afterwards and asked..well what now? He basically said that I shouldn't worry and that since I'm young (then 24) I have plenty of time.

OK, we'll keep trying.

In January of 2006, my period was about 2 weeks late and I started to spotting again like when I miscarried. So off to the Dr.'s office again.

Sorry, I forgot to note that I have a negative blood type (A-) and my husband has a positive blood type (A+), so I need to get a rhogam shot every time I miscarry or give birth...within 72 hours.

I'm not sure if this is a strange period or if I am having another miscarriage- turns out it was just a weird period. I'm told that I'm young (25) and I have plenty of time. This time, I'm not so convinced about the age thing or at least it isn't reassuring anymore...and do I need to be 35 before a Dr. actually takes my concerns more seriously? we are today. We have just started our third year of trying to conceive.

However, I think I have some good news.

I have been charting my temperature and I think I have found something- that could be easily fixed!

My temperatures are very erratic, my charts show that I haven't ovulated and when I do- it's usually 1-2 weeks late. As I said earlier, my temperatures are also on the low side.

Granted, I am not a Doctor or qualified proffessional, but it looks as though my hormones might be out of balance. If that is the case, there are relatively inexpensive treatments available- such as taking a hormone pill or getting shots.

Good news. I found out that my new insurance has my original Doctor (the man who diagnosed me with endometriosis) as a provider- I CAN SEE HIM AGAIN!

Currently, I want to finish off my BBT chart for the month before I see him. So I have about a week...or two left. I want to make sure I can give him complete and accurate BBT charts.

This has given me a beakon of hope. I know that something isn't right and I don't want to're young you have plenty of time. I know that I am young, but I truely may not have much time...I have endometriosis- I may not be able to conceive after I am 30. We suspect that I had endometriosis as young as 14 or 15 years old, I wasn't diagnosed until I was 19 or 20. The average age for this disease was (one source) 32 or (second source) 40-44 years old. I am fairly young to have this. Which the longer you have endometriosis, the longer the disease has to damage your organs. This is definately something that lingers in my mind.

I heard this analogy, and I take it to heart:

Not every time that you hear trotting in Central Park is it a could be a zebra!

We need to look for the zebra's.

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All I can do is offer my hope and prayers and encourage you to do as you are...Make these doctor's listen to you....YOU are paying THEM. Although I'm not in the same are welcome to vent to me anytime. Good luck and I hope to see a
your way very soon
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Hi, I wanted to wish you the best of luck and I am so glad that you can see that doctor that you like.

You are are right, you might be young but you really dont have time and who can really put a time on a family? You know what I mean?

Good luck to you and you husband!
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Firstly I'm so sorry about the miscarriage

You're totally right that they should be taking you seriously, even more so as you have a known issue. Your age should have nothing to do with it, that you've tried for so long now should be making them take you very seriously indeed.
It's good that you're charting, that can show up possible issues. As well as guiding you to when to time dtd. I'd ask the Dr to take bloods from you on days 3 & 21 of your next cycle to check your hormone levels. Has your dh had a sperm test yet? As our Dr told us it takes two, there's no point treating one only to find an issue with dh much later. I know men can be reluctant to have this, but it's well worth the peace of mind / fast track to a more appropriate treatment imo.
I'm so glad your new insurance means you can see the Dr you like, hopefully that will get things moving in a more positive direction for you

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Hi Autumn, and welcome to tbc!
1st of all...God bless you and your dh for everything that yall have been through. I dont think I could have handled any of that!
2nd of all...Make your doctors listen..if they dont get a new one like my grandmother (rip) told her doctor when she found out she had lung cancer GM:"Can you help me?" Doc: "No" GM: "Fine Your Fired"
3rd of all...Just keep trying and try not to think of the negative things in your life at the moment. Just remember that you have your family behind you through this situation and you have us here to talk too when you need someone.
Good Luck and God Bless Yall!!!!
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