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ChandyRae 08-26-04 04:31 PM

O test
Today is CD 12 for me, so I took my first O test today. I was so excited just to finally see two lines that I didn't even care that it wasn't a pg test!! *lol* Unfortunately, it wasn't as dark or darker than the control, oh well. At least we know that at sometime in the near future this one will be dark! :nod2:

ipse99 08-26-04 05:17 PM

:clap: Well sounds like a good sign. Good Luck!!

cat 08-26-04 05:39 PM

Oh yeah, that is a good sign!

ready2Bpg 08-27-04 02:07 PM


ChandyRae 08-28-04 04:43 PM

Got my positive today, CD 14, right on time! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait for DH to get home so I can pounce!! *lol* I hate to say this cuz I'm afraid I'll jinx myself, but I feel like this just may be our lucky month! :D