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ready2Bpg 08-27-04 02:13 PM

You sounded so bummed in your update post.:( Just wanted to send you a big hug. :bighug:
I hope that you and DH somehow manage some unstressed time together this weekend. :luck: I'll be thinking of you and sending you some low-stress vibes. :bdust3:

(Don't you sometimes wish you could trade your body in for one that works properly? I know I do...)

erinjj 08-27-04 02:31 PM

Christine I musta missed your post, but from reading Steph's I think mebbe you need a huge giant full of love,


cat 08-27-04 07:25 PM

Thanks ladies :) You're lovely!

Yes I do wish I could upgrade my body to one that works! Wouldn't it be nice to be one of those people that always o's on a certain day? Or one of those who doesn't even have to find out when they O because it just takes them a couple of months? My way of dealing right now is this: we'll probably get to IUI eventually, so I think I am going to just take these 6 months as they come - try not to worry about timing and just wait until we have IUI, hoping that will be all we need. I'm such an Eeyore, I know, but it seems pretty obvious that something is wrong...

Celia_M 08-28-04 07:01 AM


cat 08-30-04 12:47 AM

Well, looks like I did O - at just exactly the wrong time. Hurrah. It really seems like my body is finely attuned to DH's work - whenever he's got tons of extra work and doesn't come home in time to BD is when I O. Next month if it happens, he can just about bloody well come home anyway! (although that's no use - if he's all stressed about work it's hard to get him into the right place, and since O is so unpredictable I feel a bit bad insisting he make the effort and it turning out to be a week early....) oh well. At least Bob won't have a hold of me this month :)