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Fun game, Guilty or Innocent Print Version

erinjj 08-27-04 02:19 PM

Fun game, Guilty or Innocent
I will start by asking a question. The next person replies if they are guilty or innocent and asks another question and so on.

Have you ever just hung up on someone when you realize you've dialed the wrong number?

ready2Bpg 08-27-04 02:33 PM


Have you been undercharged at a store and not corrected them?

erinjj 08-27-04 02:48 PM


Have you ever not left a tip at a restaurant?

Tracey and Neil 08-27-04 03:24 PM

Guilty (but then we're not big on tipping over here)

Have you ever posted a birthday card late and then blamed it on the postal system?

mac71 08-27-04 03:57 PM


Have you ever got a gift and then given it to someone else as a gift?