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Sonji 08-27-04 10:34 PM

Dr's Appt
I have an appt on Monday with my gyn to discuss coming off BCP. I'm also going to be talking to her about the pains I was having before going on BCP. I'm nervous and excited.

ChandyRae 08-28-04 12:36 PM

Good luck! What kind of pains were you having? Someone on another board said she was having pains every month before going on BC, but when she was on it and when she was pg & TTC she didn't have any problems. The dr told her that it was probably due to small cysts in her ovaries rupturing every month. (it didn't affect her ability to conceive, don't worry) Anyway, I hope things go well for you!!

Sonji 08-29-04 11:02 AM

Thanx. The pains would start maybe a day or so before AF and would be very sharp stabbing pains. They would cause me to double over. The pains would last all through AF and sometimes even a day or two after. I would usually not be able to work through most of them. I would just lay in the bed and cry because nothing helped them feel better. What worries me is that I've seen other women describe endometriosis in much the same way. I'm very interested to see what the GYN has to say tomorrow.

ChandyRae 08-29-04 04:34 PM

Geez, that sounds awful. I hope endo isn't the cause and that everything else goes well!

Sonji 08-30-04 06:58 AM

I couldn't sleep last night. I'm up way too early. My appt is at 8:30.