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Sonji 08-30-04 10:00 AM

Back from DR
Well, I'm back and very relieved. She said that everything looks good. I'm on Seasonale for my BCP and I have 1 week left on month 2. She said to finish the week and don't bother with the month 3 pack. She seems convinced that the menstrual pains I was having were directly related to the clomid. So we'll see. She's fully expecting my periods to go back to being irregular and said not to worry about that until I'm ready to TTC. She said that if I go 3 months without AF then I should call her. So basically we are just going to wait and see what my natural AF will be like and take it from there. I have to call in 4 weeks for the results of my PAP. Whew ... maybe now I'll be able to sleep tonight. :xfingers:

Bethann73 08-30-04 10:01 AM

:tup2: Good News!! I'm glad your appointment went well. :)

erinjj 08-30-04 10:13 AM

Good luck Sonji. I hope success finds you quickly! :)

ChandyRae 08-31-04 12:57 AM

That's great news! So does this mean that you won't be "preventing" getting pregnant before next year?

Sonji 08-31-04 07:22 AM

Precisely. We won't be actively TTC but there will also be no form of BC. So whatever happens, happens!