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MImom23 09-11-04 04:28 PM

Ok lets start with i normally test around 2-230 well today i am having a bad day :hpull: and got home around 330 and tested and got what i think is a + OPK but i just started them yesterday for this month so i guess my question is should i retest tonight ? if so how long should i wait? i am charting temps but as most of you know that dosn't show anything until after you O, and we are trying for a girl so I HAVE to know before I actually O so we can stop BDing.

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alicia67 09-11-04 05:02 PM

I'd retest after about four hours of not using the bathroom. Good Luck!

MImom23 09-11-04 05:06 PM

thanks i ll try and hold it that long lol

cat 09-11-04 05:45 PM

It might not be so accurate in the evening. If having a girl is really important to you, I'd hold off the BD - OPKs are more likely to to give a false + than a false -, so you are prob. about to O.

The worst that can happen is you will have to try again next month, and since you're trying to select the gender, of course you know it's likely to take more time to hit the lucky month than if you were just trying to be pg.


ChandyRae 09-11-04 08:25 PM

Normally 1 hour shouldn't make that much of a difference. I agree with Christine, I would stop BD'ing for now and count it as a positive. You're really not supposed to use the opk's in the morning or at night. Good luck!