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1hopingfor2 09-21-04 06:48 PM

hi my name is jennife ri am 24 live in windsor with dh who is 28 and dd who is 6months am am 11dpo tested at 10 dpo and got a bfn wondering if maybe it was to early becaus emy temps are still very high around 98.6 to 99.3 also i been having these wired feelings in my stomach sort of a tighting feeling like a heavy feeling also i have been geeting alot of lower abdominal pains would apperciate any input or advice

ipse99 09-21-04 07:10 PM

Hi Jennifer- welcome to the board. Well I'm not sure- I guess those could be pms syptoms. Are you breast feeding? Do your periods come regularly? Only time will tell.. I say wait a couple more days and test again. I know not the easiest thing to do...I'm dying to test right now.I'm 8do so a got a few more days. :xfingers: