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CheekyMonkey26 12-09-04 12:35 PM

"Name Our Baby" Auction
I saw this article from back home on how couples are auctioning off the right to name their baby on eBaby... Would anyone ever consider this? I'm not sure if I would or not.

cat 12-09-04 03:26 PM

Ew, no way! What if some nasty sadistic person thought it was funny to pay money to name your child something hideous like "Pryshyss Dystynee" or "Kaden Aiden Braeden" or something?

I think naming your child is a gift you give to him/her - you give a name that tells them your hopes for them and the love you have for them. I'd never give that amazing opportunity to someone else! :2cents:

bjlmom 12-10-04 10:13 AM

you have got to be kidding me!!! :eek:

the_littleminx 12-11-04 04:11 AM

I think the idea sounds completely and utterly stupid. Some people really don't need to be getting pregnant and having babies if this is how they display their level of intelligence. :lol:

belle81 12-12-04 11:37 PM

:hmmm: It's not anything I would do, but I wonder how much they're getting for the right to name their baby. It might be enough to pay for therapy for their kid. :lol: