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Sonji 12-14-04 09:10 PM

ND Appt Today
Today finally came. I've been anxiously waiting for this appt as I was to get the results of my lab work from last month. I've been worried because she wouldn't tell me the results over the phone or through email. The reason for the labwork was that she was concerned that I may have PCOS. Well, she (the ND) had her baby last Thursday so I had to see someone else in her office. The result was ... inconclusive. She said that she doesn't think I have PCOS because some signs point to PCOS and some of them don't. So she ordered more labwork and I'll get the results on 01/11 and she said that hopefully I will have had a period by then (I'm currently on CD59). She's more concerned right now with these horrible headaches I've been having than with my cycle. She tried some cranio-facial therapy that felt really good but didn't help the headache. Now I'm supposed to make an appt with my chiropractor for an adjustment (I'm going to mention my fertility issues while I'm there because I've heard that chiropractic therapy can help there too) and if that doesn't work then I'll have to make an appt to see my neurosurgeon. If it ain't one thing it's another. I said a little prayer before I went into her office asking for the strength to hear whatever the results were. I'm a little frustrated but optimistic as well. Here's to next year!

the_littleminx 12-15-04 01:50 PM

I will continue to keep you in the my thoughts and prayers. Definately see a chiro because if nothing else I bet he can clear up those headaches for you. Also, what you've heard about them helping with fertility is 100% true. Strange things can happen to your body when things are out of whack, pinched, etc. I took a health class a couple of years ago, and the teacher was a chiropractor. He told a story about a lady he had come in for several adjustments, and when she came in originally she mentioned that she had tried for several years to conceive but had always been unsuccessful. Well, by the end of her treatment with the chiro she was pregnant. And the funny thing was that she came running in to his office one day and blurted out in excitement infront of everyone that the chiro had gotten her pregnant!! Now, of course, she meant because of her treatment sessions her body was able to conceive, but you can imagine the looks on the faces of everyone else in the office. :rotfl:

ChandyRae 12-16-04 04:18 PM

Ugh. I'm sorry you're getting the run-around, and I hope that things will be worked out one way or another. Hopefully the chiropracter can fix your headaches and your new results will be more "conclusive". :)

bjlmom 01-02-05 02:01 PM

:bighug: Hope you hear some good news soon.

Sonji 01-02-05 09:32 PM

Thank you. The headaches are all taken care of with the help of the chiro and getting rid of one of my pillows. AF showed up on Christmas Eve. I have major O pains and am on CD10 so that has to be a good sign. My next ND appt is on 01/11.