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china 12-15-04 12:09 AM

16mth picky eater
Hi I'm new to this sight, but just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on how to get my 16mth old son to eat finger foods,he has no interest other than playing with it and dropping it on the floor.He seems to want everthing pureed and fed to him by spoon.Please help if you can . China:xfingers:

~babydoll~ 12-15-04 06:09 AM

Hi! Welcome to Baby Corner! :) This board is for women who are trying to conceive. Try this link to the Toddler Parenting boards:

To answer your question, I work with children of this age, and he is in a big cause & effect stage of thinking development right now, so his behavior, although frustrating, is completely normal (especially if you pick up the food as soon as he drops it). If he is used to being fed with a spoon up to this point, it will take him a little while to get used to the change in feeding practices. Keep trying with favorites and a couple of new foods every week, and he WILL get the hang of it. Good luck!