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LonniesBaby 12-15-04 09:32 AM

In Waiting
Hello everyone...I O on the weekend of the 5th. AF is suppose to be here the 19th...I sort of feel like she is coming...kind of that boggy feeling in my lower abdomen. I do have sore breasts...and nausea...headaches, ohh, I really hate this wait! I had the egg white mucus...a whole weekend with my husband in a cabin...I pray this is the month...we've been trying since July ! I see my doctor that did my tubal reversal on the 21st...not sure if it's too soon to think of fertility drugs ??? What's everyone think? Thanks Rena

the_littleminx 12-15-04 01:41 PM

I by no means an expert, so I'm not sure what to suggest. I do have my fingers crossed for you. The cramping that you feel that you think could be associated with af could very well be associated with implantation. Ya never know. :)

Keep us posted :bd2: