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Hi, new here!! Print Version

CNYmom 12-20-04 09:25 PM

Hi, new here!!

I'm Diona and we're currently TTC #2. We have a 15 month old daughter,Madelyn and she's our world! She was a high risk pregnancy for us and any others would also be high risk. I lost 2 pregnancies in 2002 during the first trimeste due to a clotting disorder and I have to be on injections throughout my pregnacies.And if that wasn't enough to worry about she was a c-section and any others would be too!

I look forward to meeting everyone

scrappinmama 12-21-04 01:46 AM

WELCOME! :gwave: I hope you're stay here is short and your pregnancy as easy as it can be! Good luck!

neens 12-21-04 07:42 AM

Welcome! I have a 13 month daughter Ariana and am also ttc #2. We were going to start this month are going to wait until after the new year. We've also been married almost 5 years!

Kellia 12-21-04 06:39 PM

I am also new here, so we are starting out together!! I would also be having another C-section.

Good luck!

CheekyMonkey26 12-22-04 08:11 AM

:wave: Nice to meet you!!