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Early signs? Print Version

neens 03-01-05 09:16 AM

Early signs?
For those of you who have kids already or have been reading up on the subject , what are the early signs of pregnancy. Do you believe that a woman can sense she's pregnant before she even takes a test?

I'm interested in signs that occur before a HPT.

cat 03-01-05 12:31 PM

Every single pg sign that I've either read about or seen people from these boards mention, I've had as a PMS symptom. In my experience, when I'm looking for early pg symptoms, I can find them all! But I've learned that they really don't mean anything.

I know a lot of ladies who become pg soon after starting TTC will swear that they felt different when they were pg - but honestly, those of us who TTC'd for the first few months with no success also felt different, just because we were hyper-aware of any possible symptom.

If I ever become pg, who knows, I may feel different again... but I doubt it!

AMomInLove 03-01-05 01:11 PM

I was tired, had very sore breasts, running to the bathroom alot more often at night and cramps....


bjlmom 03-02-05 11:45 AM

with my DS I was tired and had to use the restroom more. With my DD I knew because I got morning sickness bad from day 1.

the_littleminx 03-02-05 02:45 PM

I think Cat summed it up really well. Each person is going to have different symptoms or even none at all. At lot of times I think our brains can manufacture things simply because we want them so much. (ie thinking you feel pg when you're not, etc)

Now that said, when I pg with Joey I craved soup for a few weeks before I found our I was pg. I didn't put 2 and 2 together until I found out I was pg, but then it made it sense why I was craving the soup. Also during the first few weeks before I found out I was pg I was having to pee constantly. After finding out I was pg this also made sense. That and the fact that I was eating so much soup probably didn't help. :lol: Other than those though I didn't really have any symptoms. I found out I was pg at about 4wks and by 5 wks or thereabouts I was having hot/cold flashes and morning sickness.

Now that I'm pg again I didn't have any symptoms to clue me in that I was pg, aside from af being late. I found out again around 4-5wks, and just this weekend started getting morning sickness. So, that seems to be my biggest indicator, but that of course has been after I've already tested positive.