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3picketts 05-01-05 10:21 PM

Hi everyone!
:wave: I haven't been on the fertility side of TBC in over 2 years, but I did want to say hi to everyone. I have now been cancer free for 2 YEARS!!! We got the green light to TTC again back in March. I had a lap done on 3/15 and had tons of repair work done. (I scar VERY easy inside and out) My six weeks heal time came and went and I have been temping for over for almost 2 cycles again. I just fifnished O'ing and am feeling very positve. I am trying to not get my hopes up because of all my bad luck, but it's so hard. Even Chris is somewhat excited.
We are very busy so I hardly ever get a chance to get online, but I will try to check in and also try to get to know you better.
Hugs and baby dust to all and have a great week! :flower2:

cat 05-02-05 11:53 AM

Wendy that is fantastic news! Praying for you :bighug:

Bethann73 05-02-05 11:55 AM

:bounce: Wahoo!! Wonderful to see you here.. I am so hoping the surgery is what you needed. :) :xfingers: :shamrock:

Give Catie and Chris kisses from me and I'm sending you :bighug: and :kiss: from Aedan and I. :grin:

MBMBERG 05-02-05 04:58 PM


It is so great to hear from you. That is wonderful news and I'm so happy for you and Chris. I think about you often and I hope to be seeing some positive news from you really soon. Take care~

Erinn 05-03-05 07:54 PM

Hi Wendy :wave: It's great to hear from you. I am so happy for you and your family that you are cancer free!! Good luck with TTC again.

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