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*holly* 05-26-05 05:22 PM

1st fertility appt
HI all! I'm new to this site but finally decided I needed some support. We've been ttc for 18+ months. Got preg the 1st month (almost 2 years ago now) and miscarried shortly after. Haven't been able to conceive since. We have our first appt with the fertility dr. in about 3 weeks. Does anyone have any advice - what to expect, questions to ask, tips, etc? I just saw a nurse practitioner who said I might have endo probs but I would I have to talk to the fert. dr. about checking this out.

Erinn 05-26-05 09:23 PM

:wave: Hi Holly. Welcome to TBC. I'm sorry you had to join us under the circumstances. The ladies here are great and very knowledgeable (unfortunately we have done just about everything). I really can't remember much about my 1st RE appt, it's been so long (we have been trying for almost 4 years). I know the dr. will ask about you medical background and probably take blood to check hormone levels. Good luck with your appt :shamrock:

CheekyMonkey26 05-27-05 01:37 PM

:hello2: Holly! Nice to meet you!

I had my first appointment about a month ago. The first thing the RE made us do was go for an andrology workup on DH even before our first meeting. He wanted to eliminate DH as a possible problem up front. We already new I had PCOS so we talked about the medication I had already tried and what was still left to try before goign to an IUI or IVF... We talked a lot about those and what insurance probably wouldn't cover. I'm suppose to go for an x-ray to see if my tubes are blocked. You mentioned endo - do you know that for sure? We talked about multiple births which was a little overwhelming.

It was scarey to admit we needed the help. I'm glad we took that step though. It makes us feel like we are on the right path finally!

Good luck!! :shamrock: