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TSLeer 10-20-05 02:03 PM

My U/S today.... (same as TTC After Children)
...which was an experience in itself since it's my first vaginal one.

I have a lovely egg on the right side measuring 19mm. The PA suggested a shot today (similar to a trigger) to release the egg and we will have our DIUI tomorrow. So no waiting on the weekend this time.

Also, since my lining is showing the effects of the Serephene/Clomid, I'm gonna take progesterone supps starting tomorrow.

If I don't get a BFP this time, I'm definitely refusing to take anymore Serephene and insisting on something else.

CheekyMonkey26 10-20-05 02:40 PM

19mm is fantastic!!! Good luck! :shamrock: I hope you catch that eggy!! :bflip:

Melissa B 10-20-05 04:21 PM

I pray that everything goes great! :xfingers:

baby hungry 10-20-05 09:41 PM

That's wonderful! Wishing the very best for your IUI. I am thinking of you and hoping everything goes perfectly. I pray there will not be a next time. :hugs:

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