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Worse Fear came true Print Version

MBMBERG 12-06-05 09:06 AM

Worse Fear came true
I received a telephone call last night. It was my little sister calling to tell me she's pregnant. I am EXTREMELY happy for her but I can't help feeling pain for myself. I know it's selfish of me to think that way but after struggling with infertility for 5 years, it still hurts. I knew she was going to start TTC at the 1st of the year so I was preparing myself. She started TTC 2 months ago.

Anyway~ sorry to complain.

Erinn 12-06-05 01:28 PM

:hugsad: I know exactly what you are feeling. My younger sister told me on Mother's Day that she was pg. The way you feel is only natural and it is very hard. I actually had a hard time when my sister started showing.

You'll be in my thoughts. I hope all your dreams come true very soon.

erinjj 12-06-05 01:49 PM

:bighug: Mandi I'm so very sorry. I went through the same thing when my SIL got pg the first time. It's a very hard thing. I am keeping you in my thoughts as always, rooting for you. :xfingers: That your time comes SOON!


KellyAnn 12-06-05 08:37 PM

Mandi - You aren't selfish at all - those are VERY normal feelings. I can remember clearly when my sister told me she was pregnant with her third after our 2nd IVF failed - I felt so awful. Sending you some comfort and please don't beat yourself up for feeling the way you do - it hurts alot. :hugsad:

Catherinems 12-07-05 07:24 AM

Hi Mandi,
I really feel for you. I am very lucky that my sister and brother had all their children before I started to try. And for that I am grateful. Friends around me however have had babies, and it is so so painful. You are really not alone with these mixed feelings.

I am going to visit one of my closest friends next week for the first time since the summer. Doesn't sound so close eh? She lives only 3 miles up the road, but, she gave birth in August, and emotionally I have been unable to confront the situation...I am biting the bullet though.

I so, so feel for you. Do not think that the way you feel is bad. It is normal. And I hope that knowing that you are not alone in these emotions will help.
Big Hugs