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im so confused Print Version

caligirl 02-24-06 11:58 PM

im so confused
hi im new here.. Hopefully someone could help me out... we have been ttc for the past 2 months. lmp was on 01/15/06... had a little bit of spotting around 02/08/06... still havent started AF and all hpt are negative... I was a little nauseated last week.. no other symptoms.. help!!!!:huh:

MJess 02-26-06 02:04 AM

I think that if you get another neg HPT you should cetainly go to the doctors and see if you can't get a blood test.

Let us know if af shows.

Katran 02-27-06 12:07 AM

Do you know when you ovulated? You may have O'd late in your cycle. Also, I have heard that some women don't produce high enough levels of HGH for a urine test to detect it until later in the pregnancy.

Hopefully you get a + next time!

caligirl 02-27-06 12:54 AM

I dont know when I o'd...however. im pretty sure it was around the 31st.. so Im going to take hpt tomorrow and if its negative ill go in for a blood test... ooh wish me luck. I will keep everyone posted

Sonji 02-27-06 07:25 AM

When did you take your last HPT? Perhaps (and this is just pure speculation) the spotting was ovulation spotting. If so, then you could've ovulated on/around 02/08 and if your LP is 14 days then you would be just about a week late.