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3 more days.. and have lost my mind Print Version

baby hungry 06-22-06 12:59 PM

3 more days.. and have lost my mind
Ok.. so I just keep telling myself 3 more days 3 more days, but I'm going insane! I went and had a massage yesterday to try and calm down. It was nice but lasted maybe an hour before I felt my shoulders and back tighten up again.

I don't remember feeling this nutso during IVF even! I need to join the crazy two week waiters club.

MBMBERG 06-22-06 01:19 PM

Just checking in on you Susanne! I have everything crossed for you. I refuse to give up hope that you WILL be a mommy.

Take Care~

erinjj 06-22-06 01:25 PM

Thinking of you Susanne. :heart:

legend 06-22-06 02:20 PM

Sending you huggs Susanne

MariahsMommy 06-22-06 02:21 PM

Hoping praying and wishing you only the best outcome!