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feeling really stupid and frustrated Print Version

nisey79 09-10-06 11:17 PM

feeling really stupid and frustrated
So one of my good friends that I've since we were 14 called to tell me that she was PG. And I'm happy for her and everything, but I feel really frustrated, stupid and inadequte. Why does it seem so easy for some people and not for others? I had an o.k. day today but now I am feeling really bad. And what makes it worse, is why do people keep telling you not to worry or stress about it? When everyone around you just had a baby or is pregnant that is a little dumb to say when you are not in that position.:mflame: I shouldn't feel this way because I can't change anything. I just felt this was the best place to come to because everyone here is so supportive. I'm just feeling really down right now. How am I going to be able to function this week?:crying:

rudolphia 09-10-06 11:24 PM

:bighug: I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I know exactly what you mean. It took us 6 months after my miscarriage last summer to conceive again, all the while having anovulatory cycles and generally feeling like crap. Everyone kept saying, "Relax and enjoy the process." Well, how do you enjoy BDing when you're on a schedule, and how to you relax when you feel that you're already months behind the curve after losing a baby? People just don't understand.

The irony is, you really do have to try to keep your mind off it as much as you can. After four months of unsuccessful TTC, I decided to assume I would be pregnant within the next six cycles, and if I wasn't pg at the end of that time, I would start moving toward adoption. I was able to stop beating myself up, and we conceived again the second cycle after that decision.

I don't know if something like that would be helpful to you, but it helped me quite a bit. I still charted every day and BD'd every other day during the fertile time, but I took a more relaxed approach toward it.

Hope you get your BFP soon!

harmonyt 09-11-06 09:49 AM

I'm sorry your having a hard time sweetie. I know when we were trying it was like everyone came out of the woodwork and announced they were pregnant. Keep your chin up. I had a friend who tried for 3 years to become pregnant. Once she started stressing less over it, it happened. I know that can be hard, so I :pray: you get that :bfp: real soon!!

Janine 09-11-06 09:53 AM

I think we all feel that way when we've been tryign to get pg and fail and then see someone else pg.

amanda2 09-11-06 10:13 AM

I completely understand your frustration. I havent posted in a super long time, but we have been TTC for 4 years, more so recently as we gave up for a while. now my 2 best friends just found out they are pregnant again with #2's and i am still trying for my #2. They both had thier first ones while we were TTC as well. It is very frustrating to me as well, but i try to keep my chin up and just keep trying. my son is getting ready to be 9 and i really want a sibling for him before he gets out of grade school. I am bringing home a cup for the DH to get his men tested again to make sure it isnt him that is the problem. wish me luck :)