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Trying to figure out when to test Print Version

Janine 09-11-06 01:54 PM

Trying to figure out when to test
Ok..I am normally 28 days on the dot. Last month I went 29 days, and this cycle was 33 days. Now I have no idea when I should test! This last month was not a normal cycle and I think it was an indicator of an early miscarriage, so I don't know if I should go back to 28 days, split the difference and do 30? Or try to make myself hold out as long as I possible can up to 35 days or so.(yeah right, Like I'd have enough will power, especially since I have 2 First Response tests left)

nickyswifey 09-11-06 02:02 PM

Well, as you know I am a POAS Addict, but if I were yo uI would split the difference and test at 30 days, my cycles have been like yours, 29, 34, 31 days. I usually just test around day 30-31. Good Luck!

fsugoddess 09-11-06 02:05 PM

I think I would hold out for as long as I can- or if not then wait until day 30. I am also trying to figure out when to retest in November. I am going to try and hold out as long as I can that way if something goes wrong again (like an early miscarriage) then I wont be upset by the early BFP. My mom said that back when she was pg with me, you didnt go see a doctor until you missed 3 periods. By then you were out of your first trimester. I figured I would wait at least two. (Keep in mind that I say this now, but I couldnt wait last time I tested LOL)

Janine 09-11-06 02:50 PM

There really ought to be a 12 step program for POAS addicts!

BnBMommy 09-11-06 03:05 PM

I would be in that program. I don't know when to test this month either. I usually have 35 -36 day cycles, my last cycle was 37, but before that was 43. This month I am on a high dosage of Clomid, so I don't know when to test. Today is CD25, I think I will still wait till at least this Sunday!