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EWCM question?? Print Version

Oreo 09-11-06 04:24 PM

EWCM question??
OK -- I wish they taught us this stuff in school.

Can you get EWCM at times other than when you O?? I had it earlier when I thought I'd O'd (around CD 11) and my OPT's showed my LH was high (but not a big surge). Now at something like CD 19, I have it again and am wondering what in blazes is happening. I just peed, so I will have to wait 4 hours to POAS and test the stuff/LH level. Since day 11, the line has been getting fainter, showing a decrease in LH.

Help! Anyone!

After the issues last week with stress, I wouldn't mind another chance. Maybe DH will be up to the task! :boink: :xfingers:

DeeElizabeth 09-11-06 07:19 PM

I'm not really positive why that would happen, but I have read that sometimes women get an increase in CM up to a week before AF. I also have heard (and experienced) that women can get increased CM when they are PG. I would definately use an OPT again just to be sure though...maybe you O'ed twice?

Oreo 09-11-06 08:40 PM

Well, I POAS and I got nothing. So, it isn't another or a first O for the month. Good thing, too since I am pissed off at DH for being an all around jerk at dinner and the boys' bed time tonight. I guess ice cream and football are way too important to help! GRRRRRR!!!!
So...... we will continue on the 2WW ugh!

nisey79 09-11-06 11:26 PM

well I read that you can EWCM at other times in your cycle too.