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Just to update you... Print Version

Tracey and Neil 09-12-06 04:52 AM

Just to update you...
... Susanne and her family have now moved :D

She'll be without a phone or internet until Monday, so if you're trying to get hold of her then she might not be able to reply until after then.

dawnmarie 09-13-06 07:07 PM

:tup: OH TRACEY!!!

somthing fun is coming to you in the post!!!!! be on the lookout!!!! with all my love from the USA!!!!!:grinjump: :clap: :hmmm:
can't wait till you get it!!

Tracey and Neil 09-19-06 03:23 AM

I just saw this post Dawn!! You naughty lady!! They were yummy, and it was so wonderful to speak to you on the phone yesterday.

Hmmm, now I'm plotting a way to get you back!! Susanne, you're an expert at UK candy, got any recommendations? Tim Tams? Topics? Galaxy chocolate?

You all settled now? I tried to call you yesterday too, but I'm guessing it's not moved over yet?

Love you both xxx