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Oreo 09-12-06 06:35 PM

OPT positive
OK-- I got home from work and there was a bit of EWCM so I POAS and got a BFP on the ovulation predictor stick. That means that today is CD 20 and I should get AF a week from Thursday -- CD 29.

So, if we BD tonight and tomorrow, do I have a chance to implant before AF should show? Somebody (here or reading about EWCM yesterday) wrote something about needing at least 10 days for implantation before AF. Does anyone know if I've got a shot?? Since I am now two months off the pill, I'm hoping that my cycle is lengthening instead of O'ing late and having AF arrive on time.


Keep your fingers crossed!!!

BnBMommy 09-12-06 06:56 PM

Goodluck..I say you should definetely BD and hope for the best... :xfingers:

DeeElizabeth 09-12-06 07:15 PM

I think since you O'd late, your AF should be later also.... I would def BD!

imagine 09-12-06 09:23 PM

AF should come late since you O'd late. I would bd like crazy> :)

KJCsabre 09-12-06 10:24 PM

I can't tell you for sure but I'll say one thing...GOOD LUCK! Keep BD'ing :)