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imagine 09-12-06 09:50 PM

TTC Humor
This is a fun game!
Can you think of some more way's to finish this sentence.

You know you're trying to conceive when.....

.....You think you might wet your pants every morning
because you can't go to the bathroom until your
thermometer beeps.

BnBMommy 09-12-06 10:06 PM

You know you are trying to conceive when, it is you begging DH to :boink:

Oreo 09-13-06 08:24 AM

You know you are trying to conconcieve when....
DH is the one saying he has a headache. Ugh!

amsarmom4 09-13-06 08:26 AM

You know you are trying to conceive when...
after the BD you lay on your back with your bum in the air!

imagine 09-13-06 08:52 AM

you know your trying to conceive when...
...someone asks you what day it is and you say cycle day 20.