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I QUIT!! Print Version

sbrown 09-13-06 12:32 AM

In January I had bloodwork done and my prolactin level was elevated, but everything else was normal. Well, I had my follow-up appt. My prolactin level is fine now (8.6), but my progesterone level is really, really high (57). The dr said it probably doesn't mean anything, but still...what the heck is up w/ my body?!? But everything else was normal. I just wish something would go wrong & stay wrong. At least then, maybe they could fix it and we could progress on this whole TTC journey. Sorry for venting, it's just I'm so frustrated.

nisey79 09-13-06 02:18 AM

Just wanting to tell you that I understand what it is to be frustrated. There are a few of us on here that are.

amsarmom4 09-13-06 08:24 AM

I'm so sorry to hear about your frustrations. I hope all goes well soon for you & you can start TTC. Best wishes

BnBMommy 09-13-06 09:06 AM

Sorry to hear that things aren't going your way. Hopefully you can ttc soon...good luck and lots of :babydust:

Janine 09-13-06 10:17 AM

Sorry to hear that your body is not cooperating.