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My doctor's a bonehead or it's me -- GGRRR! Print Version

Oreo 09-13-06 08:01 PM

My doctor's a bonehead or it's me -- GGRRR!

Watch out -- complaining ahead!!!

So with all this craziness of the positive on the OPK (I had another surge line today) and it being day 20, I called my OB to see if he could help me make heads or tails of this -- basically -- do I even have a shot at it this month?? The stuff I was finding on the internet was not helpful. Actually, it was depressing, scary and confusing. DH was kind enough to grace me with a quickie this morning.I'm going to try to pry one more out of him tonight.

Anyway...I told the nurse how I had one postive OPK/LH surge on CD 11 and two or three strong days after (but not surges) then the readings became very faint until yesterday when I had some EWCM and got a surge reading on three tests (after work Tues, Wed. 5am and after work Wed). I thought I was very clear with the nurse, I even specified my cycle days, etc.... The doctors response was "wait to see if you get your period". He didn't even say if my period would be delayed at all. So I have no clue if I should be looking for it next Thursday or if I have to start the 2WW from today.
Piss me off!!!

So, tonight I am going to get off the computer and find religion -- religion in the sense of reading again parts of Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Weschler. Maybe I can find my own answer.

Who said this was fun?? And why do those dang teenagers have to make it look so easy??

Janine 09-13-06 10:27 PM

I'm telling you..if it doesn't happen in another couple of cycles I'm goign to grab a few beers and make DH take me out to a country road! That's how he got my step daughter.

KJCsabre 09-14-06 08:10 AM

I'm sorry! I know how that feels! I wish you all the luck in the world with a BFP!!! crossing my fingers for you!

Susan 09-14-06 11:17 AM

I hope you get that :bfp: soon..this is a lot of work :irked:

tizasmommy 09-14-06 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by DCnanny
And why do those dang teenagers have to make it look so easy??

:yuck: i know what you mean... my neighbor was 17 when she got pg... and she goes, "oops, i didn't even know i was pg"... :razz: hopefully it will all be over soon and you will have a new little bundle to cuddle and love... :bighug: