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story -- new game!! Print Version

Oreo 09-14-06 08:35 AM

story -- new game!!
This morning as the boys and I were in the car (mommy mobile minivan) we were listening to the music on the radio. Actually, I was trying to listen and they were clammoring about toys and snacks in the back seat, drownding out most of the lyrics. But, the point is that there was a new song on (the country station) that I had never heard before. The lyrics were about a boy and girl. He was working class, she was upper class and they were BD'ing an awful lot. :) The song was a three minute countdown of them POAS and waiting for two pink lines. I thought it was a funny song. Of course, they got a BFN and were thrilled, but funny.

So, here's the game......

Name as many songs with the word baby in it as you can, or songs that have to do with pregnancy/babies. Lullabies like "Rock-a-bye Baby" don't count!!!

Here's mine:
R.E.M. -- It's a free world, Baby

it's a tough game!

BnBMommy 09-14-06 08:53 AM

Okay, can you tell me that name of the country song you described, I am curious, sounds like my type of song...

Mine for the game is Let Them Be Little - Billy Dean

fsugoddess 09-14-06 12:32 PM

Sweet Baby James- James Taylor

harmonyt 09-14-06 03:13 PM

The song she described was Two Pink Lines by Eric Church. The video is hilarious!!! The girl gets the guy to go into the convenience store to get the test and these odd people keep grabbing pregnancy tests, and he finally gets up the nerve to get it. :lol:

(hit me baby) one more time - Britney Spears
I Loved Her First - Heartland
You'll Always be my baby - Sara Evans (MY SONG!!!, love it)
The whole Miracle CD by Celine Dion -

ok I'm done

fsugoddess 09-14-06 03:19 PM

Butterfly Kisses- I cant remember who it is by