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How pathetic is this? Print Version

Janine 09-15-06 12:32 PM

How pathetic is this?
I've spent most of the morning looking at maternity clothes on ebay!:loser: I don't even know for sure what time of year or what size I'll wear!

harmonyt 09-15-06 12:40 PM

honey - I still do that so if you are a :loser: I'm right up there with you. Every now and then at I'll go and look at the cute maternity stuff they have.


Janine 09-15-06 12:59 PM

Strangely when I was pg before, I started out 1 size smaller than I am now, and ended up wearing size small maternity clothes because I lost weight in the begining of my pregnancy. I pulled out my old clothes the other day because SIL is 14 weeks and will be needing them soon. Even the meds I had were snug. So I don't know if I'll be wearing med or large. I'm just guessing that it will a summer baby.

nickyswifey 09-15-06 01:19 PM

Oh I'm sure we all do things like that, I have made a wish list on babies r us for things I would like for my non existant baby... LOSER! :)

fsugoddess 09-15-06 01:51 PM

nickys- I also have a wish list on babiesrus...LOL. :loser: I even went out and bought the book what to expect when you are expecting from a second hand maternity store. I also bought a really cute bed set for a crib before I m/c. I am just going to hang onto it and hope I can use it soon. So Janine, you are not pathetic. I think we all do the same thing. Here is sending :babydust: to all of us.