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Hello! Is there anyone out there?... Print Version

Tracey and Neil 09-19-06 04:31 AM

Hello! Is there anyone out there?...
... or are you all too busy baby-dancing?? :lol:

OK, everyone tell us one bad thing and one good thing that has happened to you in the last month!

Bad thing :( ...
Have got kidney stones, and my left kidney isn't draining properly.

Good thing :D ...
We've been told the date for when we go to panel to be approved to be respite foster carers! It's Thursday 9th of November! We're getting excited and nervous all at once!

mac71 09-19-06 05:01 AM

:wave: Hellooooooooooo there :)

I'm around just lurking mainly :bag:

I'm so sorry your kidneys are giving you problems Tracey - have they said what they can do for you - will this be long term? I hope and pray not.

Good and bad things this month.....hmmmmmmmm this has not been a good month at all so first DH losing his job was not a great thing so that has been very worrying and stressful plus my back just won't seem to get better nearly five months later :PO:

Good......we are heading off for a week in the sun on Sat. We had booked it earlier in the summer and to be honest would have cancelled it when DH lost his job but the tickets arrived the same day so that was the end of that. Ah well at least I'll have a nice tan right?

baby hungry 09-19-06 03:12 PM

I'm here! Ya I have a computer again!!!!

It's so nice to almost be done moving. I have to go clean the old place this afternoon and then just little things here and there.

Therese I'm so sorry to hear bout Dh's job. I hope and pray something better comes along very very soon for you both.

Tracey.. oh no!! I was hoping to hear how the ultra sound went. I am so terribly sorry for all your pain. Thinking of you always.

We are adopting. I am scared to death to admit it, but we are putting in our papers in the next few weeks. I just am sick to death about the money part, but I'm trying to have faith God will help us on that one. I'll keep you all updated, but we excoted by next year this time to be a Mom and a Dad.

mac71 09-20-06 08:57 AM

Susanne that is the most fantastic news I've heard in a while :dancing: I am so happy for you both. I'm sure the relief in just making a decision is amazing. Listen money worries follow us all through life and somehow we get through them. You want to be parents and you are moving in the direction and this time next year *fingers crossed* you will be. Everything has a way of working out. Trust me I know I've had tons and tons of crap happen to me and when I think it can't get worse it usually does but you know what all of sudden it changes and life is good again. Its all about cycles and I know that you have both made the right decision and there is a child out there right now who will be very lucky to have you both as its parent.

I'm glad your move went well now you can relax and move forward with your life.