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nickyswifey 09-19-06 02:21 PM

Doctor's Appt.
Well, I am just so impatient that I called my regular doctor today to see if I should come in for a check-up to see if everything was ok in the baby making area... Since it has been 4 - 5 months of trying and I have been off the pill 7 months, and we are so young, I am going in for an appt on tursday this week. I don't know if she'll have any ideas for me that I am not already doing... temping, opk, monitor, etc. I guess we will see.

BnBMommy 09-19-06 02:25 PM

Goodluck, I hope your doctor can give you some insight at the appointment.

Oreo 09-19-06 03:41 PM

Way to take the bull by the horns. I get annoyed at the "wait one year" thing. It's too much stress. I hope you get some good advice and, if you do, be sure to share!!!

Good Luck!

nickyswifey 09-19-06 03:48 PM

Why wait a year, I might as well make sure everything is okay, at least I won't waste another 6 months of pulling my hair out in stress. Hubby said to me when I told him about the appointment, "does that mean I have to go?" I said no. He said "well if they don't find anything wrong with you, they'll be coming for me.." HA... Funny but true I said.

harmonyt 09-19-06 04:52 PM

Me and DH were together 3 and a half years before we got married in June 2003, and then in September I went off the pill to try for our first. It took me being off the pill for six months before we got pregnant with our DS. I know it's frustrating, but it could be that your body is adjusting and then next thing you know you'll be PG!!! Hope you get answers either way at the dr. :awe: