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breast discharge, maybe tmi Print Version

teddybear1082 12-14-06 09:00 PM

breast discharge, maybe tmi
ok so last month before i knew i was even pregnant at all (i miscarried last week:angel:) i began to have discharge out of only one breast. (milky white, not yellow or green or clear). i went to my general doc who sent me for a breast sono and to a breast surgeon. so far all came back neg. i am going for my final follow up from some tests on tuesday. could early pregnancy have explained the discharge? i was only about a week when it started and it still has not stopped even though my beta hcg is probably 0 or close to 0. it is not spontaneous anymore, but since i am going back to the doc soon i checked today and it is still oozing a bit when squeezed (i had not checked at all in a month so it is not just oozing due to constant stimulation)



Janine 12-15-06 12:59 PM

Do you have any children already? I can squeeze a drop or two, but it is usualy clear...but for a year or so after I stopped breast feeding it was white.

teddybear1082 12-15-06 09:28 PM

no other children. no other pregnancies. we just started trying this fall.

imagine 12-15-06 11:46 PM

I have PCOS and one of the symptoms was discharge but I think it was clear!!

Susan 12-19-06 03:35 PM

:huh: i have no idea. I hope the other ladies have some answers for you