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O/T! but I am going.... Print Version

dawnmarie 01-02-07 06:15 PM

O/T! but I am going....
:grinjump: :dancing: :gwave: I AM GOING TO VISIT TRACEY IN THE UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!! i just booked my plane ticket! I leave November 3, 2007 and arrive at Tracey's around 8pm that night!! :gbounce: :gbounce:

yes i know, i am annoyingly excited! just wanted to share with you all!!

baby hungry 01-02-07 11:39 PM

Oh I'm so jelous! Take me with you!

Tracey and Neil 01-03-07 12:12 PM

:tup3: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D :tup3:
I can hardly contain myself Dawn!! Neil and I were beyond excited after you phoned!! You have to start drawing up a list of the kinda things you want to do while we're here so that we can plan some kinda itinerary!

Obviously there's London, perhaps maybe we could have an overnight stay on your way in or maybe on your way home, but some local fun things close to where we live might be...

that's just down the road from us. You can get there by
, which is fun!
2 miles down the road is

Of course there's also
which is about a 45 min drive away. Some people like to go to
as it's a very old village and probably sums up what people think England is like.

Just maybe look up things about
there's loads of history here dating back many thousands of years, so make yourself comfy, start surfing the internet and take your pick! There's some stuff listed

:tup3: :tup3: Can't wait to see you :tup3: :tup3:

Originally Posted by Susanne
Oh I'm so jealous! Take me with you!

I wish you could come too hon, but hopefully I'll see you this Summer - I'll fill my case with topic bars for you :winker:

dawnmarie 01-03-07 05:38 PM

:dancing: OMG! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!!!

For sure, stonehendge! and that Corfe castle! so many things! you have no idea with me and "old stuff" I am like a kid in a candy store! you and Neil will be sitting in your car waiting to shoot me!:lol: :lol:

Tracey and Neil 01-04-07 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by dawnmarie and Neil will be sitting in your car waiting to shoot me!:lol: :lol:

:laughing: No! Never Dawn!!! I'm hoping that maybe we can do some things that Neil and I haven't done before, well at least that Neil hasn't done before. I've lived in Dorset all my life (apart from 3 months living in Wales) but Neil has only lived here 10 years, and we tended to not do the tourist things because I did them all as a child, so it would be great for all of us!

Anyway, another place to look at might be
, I quite like it there.

Anyway, start planning lady!!!