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1 month of bcp Print Version

lissy8 04-11-07 04:48 PM

1 month of bcp
I am just coming off the bcp and ttc. This will be the second month and my last period was only for one day it also came 5 days late and light. I took a test two days before the period and the test came out neg. I took the test in the middle of the afternoon. Should I re test or is this normal coming off the pill?

baby hungry 04-11-07 06:17 PM

Hi. :wave:

It's not uncommon to have a bit of a break through bleeding when you first come off the pill. How long has it been since your last period? I am not sure I would count that bleed you had last month for one day as a period though. It sounds more like break through hormonal bleeding.

armywifeb03 04-11-07 10:13 PM

Good luck with this we are in the same shoes, I just came off the pill and had one day spotting all the test say neg. But we are going to try this month to get a positive. Hopfully being on the pill wont have messed things up.

lissy8 04-12-07 12:16 AM

I have been feeling very weird lately. Maybe not really having a period this month threw me off. I am on the 8th day of my cycle. So hopefully something will happen this month. And to Armywifeb03 good luck to you too. Hopefully we will get a positive soon because all this waiting is not fun.
Thanks for the help