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baby hungry 05-10-07 09:39 AM

Every year during US Mother's Day I post something about how many of us Mother without ever being Mothers. Although I totally believe that with all my heart, this year I just want to say I'm sorry.

Mother's Day just totally sucks for many of us. No matter how you try to cope or change the focus away from your pain, the commercials, songs, flowers, cards, all really hurt to many who have never had the chance to be a Mom.

I know Mother's Day can be painful for so many and I want you all to know how sorry I am and how much my heart aches with you. :hugsad:

tiaonia 05-10-07 02:19 PM

:cry: :bighug:

Tracey and Neil 05-15-07 02:51 AM

Aw Susanne, as always your sentiment touches my heart. Our Mother's Day has been and gone, but my saving grace this year was that I was sick and so it passed by without me noticing too much! But that didn't stop me thinking about you all on Sunday night (when I suddenly realised what day it was for you in the states)

Chloe my Niece did this poem for me and I thought I'd share it with you all....

Happy Mother's Day
A lovely person like you
Pretty as a picture
You are great

Or not, I love you
Too helpful
Happy to lend a hand
Extra kind
Racing around for everyone
Special and caring

Dancing and prancing
A special day for

Needless to say when I got it, I cried!!!! :happytear

~Kelli~ 05-16-07 04:03 PM

that is so sweet.....