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**Jennifer** 06-19-07 09:48 AM

I have a question for all of you ladies. I have been reading here almost daily for the last month but haven't posted as I really haven't had much to report. We have 2 boys and are hoping for a little girl and have been trying the Shettles method to have a girl but we will be happy with whatever we are given for sure. I was hoping for a girl with our 2nd since we already had a boy but now I couldn't imagine it any other way. that you have a little bit of history here's my question.... I haven't been charting or anything because I have NO idea how , but just wanted to see what you all thought. :shuffle:

5/19 was my last day on the pill.
5/21-5/23 I had VERY light bleeding. Almost didn't need anything.
6/16 am POAS bfn
6/17 bb's are really sore & no sign of af
6/19 bb's still really sore...not really the bb's as much as really sore nipples :blush:

I don't even know when I should have been expecting AF as I had such a light, not even really a period. Whatcha think???

Saira 06-19-07 10:33 AM

It's not impossible that you might be pg, so you could test again. But, it could also just be hormonal changes from coming off the pill. It can take a while to get you body back in the swing of things again. Still, if I was in you exact same position, I'd give it another week and if no AF I'd test.

CarolleZ 06-19-07 04:10 PM

I had a couple of long cycles after coming off BCP. I know some people it takes weeks after AF is due for her to show up again.
Hopefully things get back to normal for you soon!!!

brandimichelle 06-19-07 05:43 PM

i had one period after i came off my pills... and now look where i am! haha i faintly tested positive 8 days late... and tested pos very quickly with a digital 10 days out.... good luck!!!!!

eds1999 06-19-07 08:53 PM

i had three cycles that were 35 days each after the pill! We were trying to get pg and I normally had 28 day cycles, so that was a rollercoaster ride! The pill can really throw things off whack