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**Jennifer** 06-25-07 10:08 AM

dr appt
ok, I made an appt with my OB for Thursday. We will see what he says!!

Saira 06-25-07 04:38 PM

Hope your apt. goes well and you get some answers. Good Luck!

MissCarley 06-25-07 10:14 PM

Good luck! Hope all your questions get answered. Keep us updated!

MrsPook 07-02-07 06:23 PM

Any news Jennifer??

**Jennifer** 07-03-07 11:07 AM

ok, I went to the Dr on Thursday and he basically told me that it could take up to 3 months for my system to get regulated and for AF to show. Saturday she did! Which I am glad about because I already knew I wasn't pg but I was afraid it would take 3 months for her to come. So, I guess around the 11th-14th I should be fertile so we will see. Wish us luck~