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1newbaby 07-04-07 06:37 PM

Trying Again
It has been over a month since my last post. Losing our first baby to a miscarriage was a truly difficult experience. We are both still trying to get past this, realizing that we will never fully get over this loss. We have both been doing some reading and talking with others that have had a similar experience to us. It was quit shocking for me to find out how many couples go through a loss. If you are interested, please share your experiences. We are at the point where we would like to try again. We are staying positive, especially after reading,
Please feel free to offer us any advice!

rudolphia 07-04-07 09:20 PM

I lost my first pregnancy too, at 12 weeks gestation. You're right - it's not something you really get over, but you do come to closure after time. We now have a healthy, 10-month-old boy.

I hope your next pregnancy comes quickly and goes the distance :bighug: