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fertility czars again Print Version

3Princes 08-18-08 03:23 PM

fertility czars again
Couple more questions... just because the gears are always turning in my head....
1) The doc said I'd be on either progesterone or hcg, depending on what my final estrogen levels were. Do you know which one is for the lower levels, and which one is for the almost-good-enough levels? My estrogen was pretty low throughout and I was wonderiing how it ended up.

2) With my estrrogen being so low, and me being so much harder to stimulate with the injections, do you think I could have ever gotten pg with just the clomid?

LAB 08-18-08 06:26 PM

I haven't a clue! All my research has been on Estrogen dominance as that's what I struggled with. I'm make a quick call and ask!

You might not have been able to ovulate before though! With your cycle, before ovulation your Estrogen level should have been high to grow follies. If it wasn't high enough, then you'd have serious problems!

I hope this is it and everything went perfectly this month!

Laura :)

Oreo 08-18-08 06:58 PM

:huh: not sure either.



3Princes 08-18-08 07:41 PM

No... on cd3 it was 24 and then after stimulating with the follistim for 4 days, it was still only 26. I had to stimulate for 10 days and I'm still on hcg.