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Why can't I Print Version

Payday1989 09-05-08 04:17 PM

Why can't I
go anywhere without seeing someone who is pregnant or have a newborn. It seems like I'm not to suppose to be pregnant. I know that I haven't been trying that long, but it seems forever ago that we started trying. I just needed to get that out. Thanks.

countrycutieluv 09-05-08 07:07 PM

Don't feel bad! I feel the same way.I babysit my cousins 2yr and 4mnth old.She at times can afford diapers,let alone remember to pack Satar's (4th old) bottle.Luckley I bought her one for the house when she had colic. It is hard but well all we can do is pray.

3Princes 09-05-08 08:03 PM


I know how you feel. I was just warming up to the idea that we're done now, and we went to the mall play area and there was this little baby-- maybe 7-8 months old. Josh loved her. He went over and sat down with her and started stroking her arm and saying "hi, baby! Mommy, it's a girl baby! Look Mommy!" It made me sad.

Payday1989 09-05-08 08:37 PM

Ya, a good friend of mine is due September 22, and I'm so jealous. Though she says that she's in pain and already 2 centimeters! I'm so excited for her, but jealous because I want to go through what she's going through. And another friend of mine is due October 1st. :(

3Princes 09-05-08 08:39 PM

Your time will come though. I know you don't want to hear this- but really you have just been trying a very small amount of time. Try to be patient and enjoy dtd. :bighug: