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Shouldn't go to that friend's house Print Version

3Princes 09-13-08 08:54 PM

Shouldn't go to that friend's house
We have some friends who have 2 boys, and one baby girl. Boy did seeing that baby girl make me rethink if I am really over the whole ttc thing! She is so stinkin cute!

I am glad though that the doc didn't get back to me in time to ttc this month, because it's been great just relaxing and enjoying things.

I am checking in on everyone for now-- and I am hoping all of you graduate soon!

Tracey and Neil 09-14-08 03:38 PM

Not so cute when they're a hormonal teenager!! :lol: Joke!!

Do you have a 'balls to the wall' back-up plan for next cycle Jeanne??

3Princes 09-15-08 01:41 PM

Haha-- no I do not. Balls to the wall was only for a short time haha. My hsg window is closed now, so everything's probably all stopped up in there again anyway.
I don't know... I'm on cd 18 today, my usual ovulation day. I randomly took an OPK yesterday and one today, and they were both positive. I halfheartedly have been taking some b6 too. I've been remembering to take it more the past few days. I know that AF will probably show in about a week or so, but it's worth a try anyway, right? We didnt knock ourselves out trying either though. So we'll see how I feel when next week rolls around I guess. THanks for asking and I'm thinking of you.