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Back from the doctor. Print Version

Keepers 09-16-08 03:17 PM

Back from the doctor.
The US went good. I have three follicles on the right one at 2cm and 2 other small ones at about 1cm. On the left I had two small ones about 1cm(he said they prob wouldnt do anything). I go back again in the morning for another ultrasound and to get the Hcg shot and we are instructed to BD tomorrow and thursday! :blondie:

countrycutieluv 09-16-08 03:26 PM

Yippy! I'm rooting for :xfingers: too!

pearlgirlulm 09-16-08 03:39 PM

Crossing my fingers and hoping this is your month!!

LAB 09-16-08 03:55 PM

Sounds great! I'd start BDing today just incase! I'm in the more the merrier camp :lol:

Laura :)

Keepers 09-16-08 04:28 PM

Laura I would but my luck my hubby wouldnt be able to tomorrow. He is young but his stamina is that of a old man:no: